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Save Money on Parking in the New Year with ASG!

Posted on: December 26, 2014
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Save Money on Parking in the New Year with ASG!With the new year fast approaching, many of us are looking for ways to save money. When you look at your daily expenses, don’t forget that transportation and parking expenses add up quickly. Atlantic Services Group is one solution for this, offering affordable, convenient parking in Washington, DC and parking garages in the DC metro area. 30% of city traffic can be attributed to those hunting for parking, and one Los Angeles survey estimated that drivers spent 3600 vehicle miles a day searching for a parking spot in one 15 block radius. To help save money on parking garages in the DC metro area, follow these 6 tips from Atlantic Services Group:

  1. Find a low-cost garage. When you need to drive to your destination such as work or an activity, you may rely on Atlantic Services Group. We offer parking in popular business areas such as downtown DC and Dupont Circle, as well as special event parking near the Verizon Center and several other public venues.There’s no need to park your car in overpriced garages or risky spaces. Atlantic Services Group offers parking garages in Washington DC at rates as low as $4.00 per hour in certain locations– well below the cost of towing fees and the rates of our competitors.

  2. Mobile Apps.There are many excellent mobile applications that allow you to save time and money on parking. These include Park Whiz, Parking Panda and Spot Wizard to name a few.

  3. Public Transportation. When time and weather permit, you may also consider taking the bus or metro to your workplace or event. Atlantic Services Group offers affordable parking near many Washington DC metro stations for those who live farther from the train.

  4. Try Monthly Parking. If you need parking on a regular basis, another great way to save is to sign up for a monthly parking pass. A low monthly flat rate will save you money per day and also save time while paying. Atlantic Services Group offers monthly parking garages in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern VA at over 60 locations.

  5. Protect Your Car. Parking on the street can be dangerous. As less cautious drivers move past your car, your vehicle is put at risk for damage. Keep your car in a safe, spacious environment to avoid paying mechanic’s fees down the line. Parking with Atlantic Services Group means keeping your car in a clean, secure facility– a sound investment to stay on track with your new year’s savings.

  6. Save Time. Not only does parking with Atlantic Services Group save you money, it saves you time, your most valuable resource. Don’t be late to work or your important client meeting because you couldn’t find parking. Parking should never cost you a contract or a raise. The Washington DC metro area is one of the busiest regions for traffic. You spend enough of your time navigating the roads of the city. Once you have arrived at your destination, you should be able to park and get where you need to go easily. Take advantage of our affordable parking garages in Washington DC to save you time and money.

To learn more about the ways in which our parking garages in Washington DC can save you money, contact Atlantic Services Group today.

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