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Protecting Your Car This Winter

Posted on: January 30, 2015
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Winter parking carWe may be nearing the end of January, but as this past week’s North Eastern snow storm indicates, winter is not over! As experts in parking management in Washington DC, we know a thing or two about cars– and DC winters–so we at Atlantic Services Group want to help you protect your vehicle through the remaining harsh-weather weeks.

Clean the underside of your car. Just as harsh–if not worse– than the winter weather is the salt used to de-ice the roads. Not only can salt damage your paint job (which we will discuss shortly), it can also affect the underside of your car, causing rust and thus affecting your car’s mechanical function.

keep your battery charged. If you subscribe to our Washington DC metro monthly parking you may want to check that your battery is charged. If your car is parked in our garage for days or weeks at a time,

Keep your car waxed and sealed. Using an extra strong sealant will help preserve the paint on your car. Ice and salt can damage the coating. A synthetic wax or paint sealant generally lasts longer than a carnauba based wax, and will keep salt from scratching the paint off of your car and causing rust. Washing your car on days when the weather is milder will also stop salt from accumulating and further damaging your exterior.

Protect your tires. On slippery winter roads, worn tires do not offer the traction that you need. Apply tire dressing liberally to your tires to keep them from experiencing too much wear and tear. Again, the combination of harsh weather and salt can be damaging. We recommend a dressing with built-in UV protection. After applying, you should leave the dressing on your tire for at least five to ten minutes to cure. However, in the cold winter weather, more may be necessary.

Keep your car sheltered. With affordable monthly parking in the DC metro area, there’s no reason to leave your car exposed. Our DC metro parking can keep your car in a safe, dry environment, as opposed to on slippery roadsides, where they will encounter harsh elements, or may be hit by other passing vehicles.

These are just a few small ways in which you can preserve the life of your car, even in the colder months. It may take some time to get your car in order, but is well worth it when you consider the time, energy and cost of replacing your car too soon. If you are looking for a safe place to store your car this winter, contact Atlantic Services Group today.


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