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DC Metro Parking Garages: SUV Drivers Pay More To Park

Posted on: April 24, 2014
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In cities like Washington, DC, space is a precious commodity. The demand for parking in Washington, DC is high, which means parking companies charge a lot of money for a parking spot in the city. That can make parking a hassle in the city, but if you drive an SUV, then it could become a nightmare.

Not only is it more difficult to find a spot that will fit a large SUV, companies are starting to charge customers more to park an SUV in their garage. If you drive an SUV in Washington, DC or another large city, you might need to do some research before finding a place to park.

SUV owners are left asking themselves what they did to deserve this. Some say that charging an extra fee to park an SUV is just common sense. They argue that SUVs take up more space than other cars, and therefore they should have to pay a little more. While this argument appears sound at first glance, there is more to the story than just vehicle size. In fact, this extra charge may just be a gimmick designed to force Washington, DC parkers to pay even more each time they visit a garage.

Part of the problem with charging more for SUVs to park is that the logic involved in inherently flawed in regards to most garages in Washington, DC. The fact is that most SUVs take up 1 whole parking spot, nothing more and nothing less. Of course there are some oversized SUVs that may need 2 spots, but the majority of SUVs that you see driving around the city every day will fit into a single parking spot. Could it be that this is just a scheme that some parking garages are using to get a little more money out of your wallet?

If you own an SUV, you probably already know that paying a little bit extra every day can add up pretty quickly. In cities across America, parking garages are charging anywhere from $5 to $40 extra (yes, $40 extra from a garage in Boston) for every park. Even at the low end of this spectrum, that means at least $25 dollars extra for a work week, or $100 a month!

Luckily for SUV owners, this trend is only taking root in certain parking companies. Atlantic Services Group is proud to say that we charge the same flat rate for SUVs as we do for compact cars. Whether you drive an Escalade or a Mini Cooper, we promise that our valets drivers and garage attendants handle every vehicle with care. We understand that some people require an SUV and will need to park it if they are in Washington, DC. With Atlantic Services Group, you can park quickly and safely, or have one of our valets handle that for you. Don’t let another parking garage nickel and dime you, park your SUV with Atlantic Services Group!


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