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DC Metro Parking Garages: Never Get Lost Again

Posted on: June 16, 2014
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1We’ve all experienced it, you’re out enjoying dinner, shopping, at a concert or site seeing when you realize, uh where did we park?  If you have an Android phone, you’re in luck. Thanks to Google’s latest Android update, you might never again have to remember where you parked.

Google’s newest update empowers your phone to acknowledge when you’re driving and figure out if you’ve stopped. Once you’ve stopped your phone can now store the location of your parked car, and direct you back to it once you’re ready to leave. After you come to a full stop and park your car, go to the Google search app on your Android phone. The app should prompt you to create a Google Now card which will record your physical location, so it’s important that you don’t walk too far away from the garage before you store this information. The Google Now card can be accessed from your phone once it’s stored. To access your saved location, the Google search app should direct you to your saved Now card.

With this new tool, you’ll be able to find your car in any Atlantic Parking garage. Whether you’re in Chinatown or Arlington, if you’re using a smart phone and opt to save your location, it will be easier to find your car because the Google Now card will store the location where you parked.

This new Google Now card service can be supplemented by other Android services to help you find your car. For example, if you forgot not only which Atlantic Parking garage you left your car in, but also how to return to that garage, your Android phone can explain both which garage you parked in and guide you back to it through Google maps GPS.

So there you have it, a convenient service from Google helping to make Atlantic Parking lots even more accessible.

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