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D.C. Parking Risky Around New Streetcars

Posted on: September 26, 2014
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As if Washington D.C. is not congested enough, the new streetcar line is beginning its implementation even though it is months away from completion.

The city officials have begun punishing drivers who are not following the basic rules set down regarding the streetcar line system. With the abundance of signs and rules that need to be put in place to ensure a safe construction area for the new streetcar line, many drivers are facing the consequences of their decisions.

While the streetcar line system may be a savior in the making, it is important for drivers in the D.C. area to not worry about receiving a ticket or being towed after parking in an area they may have deemed appropriate.

The Consequences

The Department of Public Works has had to make a statement – from July 24 to August 21, they have had parking enforcement officers issue 143 tickets at $100 a ticket. If this has not changed the mind of where many drivers are choosing to park, the eight cars they have towed that have been blocking the 2.4 mile route will.

Because some tracks have already been laid, parking has been a tight squeeze for many residents and business employees. Parking has not only turned into a stressful event but there are many issues each driver must pay attention to.

If their car is hanging out of the side of a parking spot even an inch or so, this can shut the entire streetcar line down. If you’re nearby, you car can be moved but if you’re out of the area, the chances your car will be towed are high.

Where to Park

Since parking can be stressful enough in the D.C. area, worrying about your car being knicked or in the way can cause you to pull your hair out. Choosing parking garages from Atlantic Services Group can put your automotive worries at ease.

To save yourself from getting a ticket or worry about being towed, choosing a parking garage can be a safe and assured way to prevent your car from a collision with the streetcar line or from being illegally parked. Sometimes the signs on the street can be a little confusing, so parking in a designated garage can put the confusion aside.

With the construction of the streetcar line system, business employees and customers have faced many difficulties finding a spot to park to shop at their favorite store or work their regular, 8-hour shift.

With over 60 parking facilities in the D.C. area, Atlantic Services Group offers assurance that cars are safe and they use innovative technology as well as green initiatives when it comes to their parking facilities.

If you’re searching for the perfect parking spot, utilize one of the sixty parking facilities that the Atlantic Services Group has available. There are parking structures in areas including Penn Quarter, Chinatown, the Verizon Center and more.

Worrying about getting to work on time can be stressful enough in the morning – don’t let finding a parking spot make things worse.

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