Atlantic’s Consulting and Asset Management team will review issues and present solutions that create peace of mind to owners, operators and property management with integrity, respect and dignity. Peace of mind is achieved through knowing that their parking asset is being reviewed with professional care, operational knowledge and market understanding. An integral component of that assessment is risk management which involves both proactive and reactive actions which enable a company to achieve its strategic objectives through the proper implementation of policies and procedures while managing or avoiding the occurrence of negative events. Risk encompasses all factors that contribute to a parking or transportation entity achieving their strategic objectives of sustained growth and increased profitability.

Our methodology utilizes a structured, consistent and multi-layered process throughout a facility’s operation to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions by:

  • Assessing risk independently and objectively
  • Identifying opportunities and threats so risk is controlled at levels acceptable to owners
  • Suggesting appropriate risk responses and reporting on their effectiveness
  • Overseeing financial, safety and operating practices

Customers seek out the Atlantic brand for the peace of mind that comes with superior service to provide customer-experience focused solutions as the most trusted and engaged provider of parking and transportation risk management services.