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Changes to D.C. Transportation Bureaucracy Make Parking More Important than Ever

Posted on: July 8, 2014
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Earlier this June, the D.C. Department of Transportation began discussing how they might overhaul the different functions of the city government when it comes to facilitating and regulating transportation within city limits. The proposed bill, known as the Transportation Reorganization Act, would reorganize the D.C. government transportation administration into two main offices:

  1. The D.C. Transit authority

This office would oversee different aspects of D.C. public transportation, including Capital Bikeshare, D.C. Circulator bus, the D.C. Taxicab commission, and streetcar responsibilities. This office would regulate the functions of public transportation, to the degree that the D.C. government has authority to control them.

  1. The Office of Parking Management

This office would consolidate the responsibilities currently held by other offices in the D.C. government. The office of Parking Management would assume responsibility for administering parking tickets from the Department of Public Works, it would take authority for adjudicating parking ticket disputes from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and assert its own determinations for district parking policy in place of the Department of Transportation.

Many people who live and work in the Washington, D.C. area have seen how newly implemented policies or changes to existent policies can have unexpected consequences. The Transportation Reorganization Act proposes two major changes to District transportation policy, and if they pass they will alter the ways that people commute into the district. The act will fundamentally affect the consistency and organization of public transportation and private chauffeur service in the district, and will likewise challenge commuters who previously had no issues parking on the street when they commuted into the city.

With the potential changes challenging the consistency of your D.C. metro transportation experiences, there has been no better time than now to park in an Atlantic Services Group parking garage in the D.C. metro area. Atlantic Parking garages have been locally owned and operated in the DC area since the 1980s and have sincere interests in what is best for the DC commuter. We want to maintain our offer for consistent, convenient, and affordable parking services, with garages in some of the most popular and congested spots in the D.C. area.

At Atlantic Services Group, our Washington, DC parking garages will continue to be convenient and simplified for your parking needs. As the D.C. government begins to discuss potential changes to how they administer everything from bike lanes to parking tickets, one of your safest parking solutions will always be to park in an ASG garage.

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