Green Garage

Atlantic’s goal is to continue to do business with the highest possible standards and to do so in an environmentally responsible manner. Accordingly, Atlantic’s talented staff has combined its experience in order to create an energetic program aimed at making Atlantic garages green.

Atlantic’s professional staff includes LEED accredited professionals. That means that Atlantic is able to evaluate all of its activities in the field using in-house expertise in order to remain at the cutting edge of today’s environmental responsibility.

Additionally, Atlantic has established working relationships with several consulting companies which can assist Atlantic in implementation of various Sustainable Garage goals.

Go Green

All Atlantic Facilities Use These Standard Operating Procedures

  • Turn off car motors to prevent them from idling too long
  • Use green oil and grease; dispose of them properly
  • Train staff for environmentally friendly cleaning practices
  • Sweep at night (as permitted)
  • Design light operation plan for energy saving
  • Print on recycled paper
  • Check exhaust fan operation
  • Use authorized sustainable bulb disposal resources
  • Use environmentally friendly ice melt and snow treatment
  • Use Green Seal cleaning products and the Green Seal cleaning process in all parking locations
  • Recycle old signs
  • Promote recycling
Go Greener

Atlantic will provide or arrange for these additional green garage standards when authorized to do so

  • Special parking spaces for energy efficient vehicles
  • Discounted parking for hybrids, carpools, and vanpools
  • Green power washer
  • Install mixed recycling containers
  • Light fixture, bulb study
  • Photometric study
  • Recommend use of recycled equipment (wheel stops, etc.)
Go Greenest

Atlantic will provide or arrange for these additional green garage standards when authorized to do so

  • Modify light circuits, install timers and motion sensors
  • Install CO sensors
  • Change to more energy efficient bulbs
  • Change to more energy efficient ballasts and fixtures
  • Assessment of facility by LEED consultants
  • Quarterly LEED assessment by outside consultants
  • Obtain drain filters for ground water